Arooo TRIPLE TRIFECTA medal hanger

Arooo TRIPLE TRIFECTA medal hanger

This product is made to order. Please email to place your order.The best just got better! Are you up to the challenge of the triple trifecta? Then proove it! AROOO! Each trifecta piece easily attatches to the medal hanger through pre drilled holes with the nuts and bolts provided. This hanger holds 3 complete trifectas and a minimum of 32 medals. All of our products are strong and built to last. Remember you can top up your collection with our 3 bar top up. Comes complete with all fixings and includes Spartan race UK discount code.Medals / trifecta peices not included
  • Tech specs

    W 760mm, H 205mm, D 2mm. Weight 1.3kg

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     All products are shipped using recycled packaging where ever possible. Shipping time is approx 2-3 days for UK and approx 7-14 days for international postage.